3rd place in national competition for “Innovation for Polish Defense Forces”.

Dear reader, the webpage you are reading was created to promote our invention. You will find here the source of motivation driving us to undertake this challenge. Certain technical details about the proposed invention are also included on the webpage. The aim of our work is to develop a robot prototype and then to start its serial production. If you share our believe that this idea is worth continuation and an investment please do not hesitate to contact us.


A technological progress that has been started in the twentieth century allowed and even imposed to replace soldiers by a highly computerised Unmanned Vehicles in a wide range of practical military applications. Moreover, a dynamic development of the unmanned platform technologies have substantially accelerated as well. The failure to follow these trend will result in a serious technological backwardness of our country. Unmanned Vehicles are currently classified as the most prospective defence systems. However, because these systems are highly computerised the key issue, related to their use for military purposes, is to have a secure and encrypted control over them. To meet this condition, a domestic production of newly developed robots is required. Purchase of such equipment from international companies is creating a risk for the national safety structures including Polish Defence Forces. Without having a detailed insight into source codes the Polish Army cannot completely relay on an equipment sourced elsewhere. According to the report prepared in a frame of the strategic program [1] Poland has all the necessary scientific and industrial capacity allowing, in a few years, to design and to start a long run production of Unmanned Vehicles for military needs. Hence an introduction of unmanned platforms must be the priority for the Polish Defence Sector. Recently, the President of Poland requested to prepare Read more ...


The main driving system of the proposed UGV was inspired by off-road version of the “Segway”. Such a vehicle can reach a relatively high speed as well as remain exceptionally manoeuvrable. An unique mobile abilities are presented in the attached video (in particular between 1:00 and 5:00).


When analysing the technical modernisation plan of Polish Army in the years 2013 – 2022 [1] for unmanned vehicles category, it can be easily noted that all currently undergoing projects are dedicated to development of  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). That is why the proposed idea should be regarded as particularly innovative as it is aimed at introducing modern Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) to the Polish Defence Forces. Moreover, the project brings together a wide range of technological solutions in a single unit which may be potentially used in a number of practical applications. It should be noted that currently commercially available structures of specialised mobile robots, produced all over the world, follows the same scheme, namely: multi-wheeled or tracked chassis-based main driving system equipped with the high manipulator. Such a construction is ineffective on a typical battlefield as it is slow and insufficiently manoeuvrable. Moreover, as its centre of gravity is located very high it can be easily tipped over and unable a robot to overcome even a few steps [2]. The proposed construction of UGV, due to its unique abilities, can be used in a difficult terrain such as forest or urban area. Moreover, it can cross water obstacles, deserts, and yet it highly   Read More ...


Currently commercially available UGV structures, in Poland [1] and abroad, usually meet number of practical constraints related mainly to their mobility (in most cases due to a main driving system that they are equipped with) leading in turn in their ineffective work in difficult terrain. The proposed construction is a completely new approach to the problem and it is free of the most of weak points of currently available solutions. A general view of the proposed UGV is presented in Fig. Render 1. As can be seen it is characterised by a compact construction, what gains an additional importance when the robot is equipped with armour elements.  Application of two-wheel main driving system ensures its high speed and mobility. The construction (with actual dimensions) of UGV is  Read more...



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